Picture Frame Mothers Day Wreath


Hello everyone! Its been a long time yet again since I haven’t blogged.  As always, I have been busy with work. Getting out of work late because the doctor comes to her appointments very late is starting to make me wonder if I should find another job. I am pretty much considering getting out of the medical field period. I don’t see my husband much, I don’t cook as much anymore and we are constantly eating out. I also really miss crafting. Ok rant over!

I finally got around to making something handmade again. It caused me to lose sleep since as mentioned earlier, I have been too busy with work. I would stay up late until 1am working on this wreath and another one I made for my fathers mother who passed away. I will post about that in another blog. I couldn’t find anything to buy my mom for Mothers Day, so I decided to DIY some gifts for her instead of not sending her anything at all. I came up with this picture frame wreath. The pictures may turn out a little dark on your computer. I have a new computer but its just as bad at the old one I had when it comes to color. Everything just looks so dark. On my Iphone, everything looks so bright and pretty.

Anyways, I wanted this wreath to be very glam and girly. I wanted pastel pinks, whites,  and hot pink flowers with some bling.  I bought all the flowers from Hobby Lobby. The wreath is foam. I wrapped white yarn all around it and then hot glued all the flowers. I had some sparkly flower buttons laying around and hot glued two of them in the center of two of the pastel pink flowers. It made the wreath really pop! The letters I also bought at hobby lobby and painted them hot pink with acrylic paint. I hot glued the letters overlapping each other a little so they could fit in the wreath. The bow I made with a  light pink ribbon and hot glued white lace in the center. I then made the bow and glued it to the wreath. Lastly,  I hot glued the frame to the center of the wreath. Used a lot of hot glue to make sure it adhered well.  Its just so pretty! I am so happy with how it turned out! Making was easy but deciding how to make it was hard. Read on below how I struggled to make these decisions if you’d like.




It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to put in the center of the wreath. It first started off with a pretty cross with a quote from the bible. My issue with that idea was that the flowers would hide some of the words on the cross. Then I wanted to put a pretty angel in the center but could not find one that I liked at any store.  So there I was in my room  till 1am trying to figure out what I wanted to put in the center. I went to bed discourage and kept thinking about it until it finally clicked. A picture frame in the center of me and my mom or me and my brothers! I was so excited for the next day so I could go shopping for a picture frame. I knew I wanted a blingy picture frame. I found about 3 that I liked and bought them.

Now, to find a good picture of me and my brothers was not easy. We dont have many photos together.  The ones we do are either blurry cause no one in my family, including my husband know how to take nice pictures or one brother is making a weird face and the other one has a grumpy face. I am the only one smiling. My mom doesnt like taking photos either because she thinks she looks ugly in every photo. Also  she always looks like shes half asleep with her eye semi close. We always have to take several photos until we get it right lol. I found a  few photos and printed them out and put them in the frames. The next hard step for me was deciding which one I wanted in the center. The one of me and my mom or me and my brothers. The one of me and my brothers was of us at my wedding. The photo didnt really go well with the color scheme so I went with the one with my mother. I had my friends help me choose too by the way. That one matched perfect with my wreath. Also, since I am the one making it, the wreath should be more personal.

I wanted to give my mom flowers for mothers day but when I looked online to have some delivered to her I saw how expensive each arrangement was! I find it ridiculous to spend so much on flowers that are going to die in less than a week. Thats over $100 going in the trash. So what better way than to find some good quality flowers from hobby lobby and make your own bouquet. It will last forever and mom will appreciate it forever. If you want to gift your mom  flowers make her your own bouquet of flowers. You can make this wreath for her too with your own special touch. Here is what mine looks like.


I also got her that best mom ever! Target has them.


I really hope my mom likes these gifts. As I said if you want gift your mom something and make something from the heart, these are good ideas on what to gift her. I hope everyone is having a great day or night and hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry if it was really long hehe. The next wreath will be posted tomorrow. Until next time! Bye!

Nayeli The Crafty Girl

Shabby Chic Heart Frame

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. It is Thursday and after a long stressful day of work, I am glad I have another  3 day weekend. I apologize for not posting this when I said I would. Today I am posting this cute shabby chic frame I made in February. It was initially intended for Valentines but you can use this year round. Like the heart shaped wreath I made, it has  neutral colors that don’t scream Valentines. At least in my opinion it doesn’t. Haha.


Making this frame was a pain  in the butt! I was originally going to make it look very Valentines by putting the words “LOVE” in gold glittery letters. The “O” was going to be a red heart. Well, the letters I had did not fit in the frame with the heart. I then decided to just put a red heart in the middle with the words “LOVE” in the center of the heart. It looked cute but it just didn’t go with the dark wooden frame. Eventually  I ended up with this little burlap heart and the word love in the center.

No  matter what I did with this frame, it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to look. I bought the frame at the 99 cents store. I stained the wood with a Walnut color. In the picture of the can it looked lighter and was hoping it would look like the picture. Nope, it was darker. >:/ I really wanted that light brownish color that didn’t look so harsh. There was nothing I could do so I went  on to add the lace on the frame. My mother in law had given me so much ribbon and lace for me to use in  crafts.Came across this beautiful lace. I just love this lace and thought it would go great on this frame. I had the bright idea of stapling the lace to the back of the frame. I wanted the lace to be tight and not lose. Well, the staples broke through the front of the frame. It did not look too bad but being the perfectionist that I am, I couldn’t let it go. I had to figure out how to cover that mess up. That’s when I found this lacy ribbon with pearls and hot glue it around the frame.


As mentioned earlier, I had originally glued a red heart in the center. I did not  like how it looked so I used burlap instead. That is when I decided this frame was going to be more of a shabby chic style. I hot glued my burlap heart in the center and hot glued the glittery letters as well in the center of the heart. I then, hot glued some gold  ribbon around the heart to make it look more 3D. I was going to leave  the frame like that but it was missing something.  That is when I remembered I had some pretty white lace and white fabric flowers I bought at Michaels. I hot glued 3 of them on the upper left hand side of the frame. Oh but that simply wasn’t enough. You know I had to add more bling to it. I glued some heart shaped rhinestones on each corner of the frame on the lace. Tada! That is my final product!

I really love how it turned out even though I had to redo it so many times. I still wish the staining of the wood would have been lighter. I have it displayed on the table I have near the front door.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time.

Nayeli The Crafty Girl

Heart shaped burlap wreath

Hello everyone! Valentines Day has passed and I was not able to post anymore crafts. 😦 We have been having gloomy rainy weather here in Texas and I could not use any natural lighting to snap some  beautiful pictures. The lighting in my house is terrible. All the pictures came out dark and they didn’t look attractive. So I had to use a little bit of photoshop to get my pictures to look brighter.  I have two things I made for home decor for Valentines but didn’t get a chance to blog about them. Don’t worry though! They can be used year round due to the neutral colors I used.  I made this beautiful heart shaped burlap wreath.


It has that shabby chic look to it. I feel you can definitely use this to decorate your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or front door for spring and summer mostly but you can also have up for the holidays in your bedroom depending on your room decor. I don’t decorate my bedroom or bathrooms for the holidays. My bedroom color scheme is neutral so this fits perfect.

Let me tell  you how I made this wreath. It is very simple to make. I bought my heart shaped wreath frame at the dollar store. I wrapped some lacy burlap ribbon that I  bought from  Wal-Mart around the wreath. I started from the bottom of the heart and just worked my way around until I met the other end of the heart.  First hot glue the ribbon end to the tip of the heart before you strap wrapping it around. Make sure the wire of the wreath isn’t showing as you go. Try to overlap the ribbon to the point where you don’t see any wire. When you reach the other end, just hot glue the ribbon to the tip of the heart behind the heart. Trim any excess.

For the bow I used two different burlap ribbons. One was plain and the other has pearls.  I first made a bow with the plain burlap ribbon. I used wired ribbon for this but I would suggest to use non wire. It comes out a little bulky when you add the second bow. When i finished making the second bow with the pearls I hot glued it to the center of the first one. Make sure you make the first bow a little bigger than the second one. Next, hot glue the entire thing to the tip of the heart. As I mentioned, it looked a little bulky and I was not happy with it. To fix that I added some flowers and greenery. You can add flowers too if its not bulky. I used tiny roses I bought from Michaels and greenery from the dollar tree.  I just snipped a few pieces off the stems I bought and hot glued to the top of the bow. The last thing I did was make a loop using white ribbon and hot glued it to top on the back of the heart. I really love how it turned out.

That is all for today everyone. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you decide to remake this show me your creations. I would love to see what you came up with. Stay tuned for tomorrows post on another  neutral craft I made.  It is a picture frame. Have a great day!

Nayeli The Crafty Girl



Sweet heart Fairy

Hello again! So today I have another fairy to show you. I didn’t know what to call her so I went with sweet heart since she has 3 pink hearts on her dress.  Shes a very whimsical fairy with iridescent  colors. She wings and dress glisten as she flies through the magical forest. If you see something sparkling from the corner of your eye, that is probably her flying around. 😉 I really wish I could have taken  a picture of her with some pretty greenery outside but right now everything is dried out and brown after the freeze we had in December. All my plants are gone and the grass is brown and nasty. I can’t wait until spring when all the pretty plants and grass turn green again!


I  recently went to Walmart and saw this beautiful iridescent fabric that reminded me of fairies. When I go to to the Texas Ren Festival I  always see  a lot of girls wearing fairy wings in this color. I thought it would be perfect for my fairies. I  also found a pretty pink and blue fabric like this one and bought it. I was trying to make mermaids earlier today with this fabric but it hasn’t been working out.  It takes a few tries for me to get it right. Anyways, I wanted to make wings like the ones I see  at the Texas Ren Fair for my fairy. I drew out the wings on paper and cut it to use as a stencil. Then, I cut out some white felt and the iridescent fabric with that stencil. I cut out two wings with the iridescent fabric and glued them to both the front and back of the white felt. I was going to add some wire to create some intricate design on the wings but decided to just add some rhinestones.  I also added pieces of the fabric to her dress to give it more  dimension.


I  don’t know if I did right in adding those pink hearts. Since I am still on the Valentines theme I added them. I also tried curling the dolls hair. It looked so pretty when I first made it but the next day the curls were  falling down. I have to figure out a way to make them stay longer. Maybe hairspray? So that is my fairy for the day. I am working on a unicorn and mermaid doll right now. I am starting to feel sick though so I am going to call it quits for the night. I have a cold and have been feeling very yucky. Just wanted to share this cute whimsical fairy I made. Have a great day!

Nayeli The Crafter

Queen of hears fairy doll

Hello everyone! So today I have for you another Valentine fairy doll.  I have really been enjoying making these adorable little fairies. I am planning on working on some mermaids and unicorn dolls in the near future! But today lets talks about this fairy doll. Her name is Queen of hearts.


She doesn’t look like your typical queen of hearts but this is my version of it. I decided to call her queen of hearts because she has hearts everywhere.  She has a heart wand, heart on the side of her head, heart on her bodice, hearts on her dress, a red heart on her wings, and hearts on her shoes.


She also has a heart on her braid.  I wish I would have done an updo on her hair but when I had already hot glued most of her hair on the back of her head. It would have been difficult to fix that. I think she still came out cute.


I  love her cute little slippers with the red hearts on them. I getting the hang of making the slippers the same size.


The wings are my favorite part of the fairy. As mentioned in my previous blog, I saw them at hobby lobby and knew I had to use them as wings for my dolls.


That is all for today everyone! Stay tuned for more fairies. I am working on more fairies currently. Until next time!

Nayeli The Crafty Girl

Rose Valentine Fairy

Hello everyone! I am back with another Valentine fairy that I made. This one is a rose fairy. Her dress is made using a rose flower, she has a bouquet of roses, and she has a rose on the side of her head. Hence rose fairy. I guess her name is Rose? Rose likes to plant beautiful roses and likes to give them to her friends on Valentines Day. She also helps her male fairy friends by giving them roses to give to their girlfriends/wives. Cheesy story I know. lol


I decided to try a new hairstyle on this one. I learned how to make her hair using Emilie Lefler on youtube. It wasn’t easy to make and I messed up her hair a little on the back with the hot glue gun. I was able to fix it a little and ended up putting a red gem in the middle of her braided updo. I did not take a picture of this though. I still love how she turned out. I know there is a lot of red but I wanted to make a rose fairy. Everything about her is roses.

I added some pearls around her waist to add some pop of color.  I also glued some red heart buttons that I found at hobby lobby to her dress and some red heart gems. Her little shoes also have pearls on  them for that pop of color. Her wings are my favorite part. I found these cute wings at hobby lobby as well and they have a red heart on the center of the wings.

img_7372This picture is from another fairy I made. She is called Queen of hearts. I  will post about her tomorrow. I just wanted to show you what the wings look like. As soon as I saw the package of wings at hobby lobby I knew they would look great on my fairy dolls.

img_7378Here is a better view of her dress and the rose on the side of her head.  I think she turned out very pretty! Shes one of my favorite fairies. That is all for today! As mentioned earlier I  will  post about my queen of hearts fairy tomorrow. She is sister to Rose. More Valentines Day fairies coming up this weekend as well. Take care and have a great day!

Nayeli The Crafty Girl

Sweet Valentine Fairy

Hello  everyone! It’s been a while since I have posted.  I am back  now that the Christmas holiday is over and all family finished visiting my husband and I. It was the most we have had people visiting. Now that all that is done with, it is back to crafting for  me. Valentines  is just around the  corner and I have  been trying to  make several  Valentine fairies as well as other crafts. Today I have a sweet Valentines fairy doll to show you. She is all pink and sparkly with a cute heart  fairy wand.


She also loves to have tea time parties with her fairy friends.  Her favorite tea cups are ones with pink flowers just like her dress.


Oh and she loves coffee too. Shes a coffee addict like myself. Not good. Hahaha. I decided to try something different with my current fairies. My fairies now have little shoes. Not really shoes but you know  what I  mean. Adding little shoes was a bit tricky. I had to make sure they looked almost the same and that they evened out otherwise she would not  be able to stand up straight. It happened with this fairy. I made one thicker than the other so it looked like she had one leg longer  than the other.  I kind of fixed it but its still not completely even. With the next fairy I am going to post about, I was able to get it just right.


Even though I added some little shoes with the floss, it is hard to get them to stand up alone. My next step is to make some little wooden stands for them. I also want to add little faces to them. What do you think I should do? I really like how they look with the little shoes. I added some little pearls to make them look even cuter.  So that is one of my valentines fairy dolls. I can’t wait to show you the other ones!


I will also be making some Easter fairies, St. Patricks fairies, and mermaids! I am so excited to start working on the mermaid ones! Hope everyone has a great day.  Until next time.

Nayeli The Crafty Girl