Pastel Unicorn Fairy/Hurricane Harvey

Hello everyone! I finally got some time off to post on here. Sucks I  am close to Hurricane Harvey AND I had all my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out today. I asked for a week off from work so I will be posting a few blogs.  I wanted to show you all my pastel unicorn fairy. I love unicorns and fairies! Why not combine them and make a fairy unicorn! Haha. Here is what she looks like.



She has unicorn pastel hair with baby blue, baby pink, and purple hues. The side of her hair is adorned with iridescent jewels, bears, and white and lavender flowers. On her forehead she has a golden glittery unicorn hair.



The top of her dress is an iridescent lavender color and her rose floral dress is adorned with jewels, pearls, and ribbon.  Her dress also is glittered at the edge of each petal. Her wings are an iridescent white and change color depending on the light.  Her shoes also have that lavender color of her top dress with a pearl in the center.


The back of her wings has a small white floral and a pearled ribbon hanging from the back of her waist.  I really love how she turned out. I loved how she turned out so much that I made more.  I  hope you enjoyed looking at my fairy and hope you have a wonderful day. I will post my Mint fairy tomorrow! If you are in Corpus or anywhere near hurricane Harvey please stay safe. Take care!


Nayeli  The Crafty Girl



Handmade July Fairy #3

Hello! So today is my last post on my July fairies. For some reason, this inspired me to make a Wonder Woman fairy. Must be the colors. She looks like the first July fairy I posted about but there are some differences.


The flowers dress is different and I only used red and blue flowers on this fairy. She has the same star crown as the other fairy. IMG_8536edited

Wings are blue on this fairy and her top is silver. That is pretty much the differences.  I am thinking of putting faces on my fairies. I think its time I start adding some cute eyes with lashes and tiny lips. Kind of like the ones I draw on my pine cone angels.  Well that is all for today. Just wanted to show my last July fairy to everyone.

Nayeli The Crafty Girl

July Fairy #2

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great day. Its almost midnight here and I am ready for bed. But I am cooking hubbys lunch for tomorrow. I wish I would have done it earlier but I was busy trying to get some nice pictures of my July fairies for my blog. The weather was finally nice enough to take pictures outside.  It rained all day yesterday. I couldn’t get good enough lighting though and it was super hot and humid outside. This Texas hot weather is horrible! So here is my 2nd July fairy. She kind of looks like a cheer leader. Heh.


I think its the high pony tail with the bow that gives her a cheer leader look. That gave me an idea! I might consider  making cheer leader fairies with pom poms! I will probably sell them on Etsy if I figure out how to sell on there.


So as I said in my last post, I was thinking of adding some 4th of July pin wheels on them since I couldn’t find any American flags small enough for my fairies. I think the pin wheels look cute on them. Makes them look a little playful. IMG_8501edited

I bought the pinwheels at Target at the Dollar Spot. I really don’t have much to say on here other than show her off to you all. I guess cause I am so tired and sleepy that I can’t even focus on what I am typing. Tomorrow my 3rd July fairy will be posted. Here is a picture of her with this fairy doll.


I feel I couldn’t get nice pictures of her since the lighting outside wasn’t that great.  I may have to retake photos tomorrow. I am just not happy with how the pictures turned out. Depending on how I feel after work I may or may not retake the photos and just post the ones I currently have. Until then, goodnight!

Nayeli The Crafty Girl

Floral Wreath

Hello everyone! Today I am posting about a floral wreath that I have been meaning to post but completely forgot about it. This wreath was made back in the Spring. I currently have it displayed inside my house hanging from a wall mirror. It originally started off with just plain white flowers. It was displayed like that for a while until I decided to add some more to it. Here is what it looks like now.


I somehow didn’t match the flowers very well. Some look whiter than the others. I bought flowers from different stores like Michaels, Dollar Tree, and Walmart. They never had enough flowers so that is why I bought from different stores. What  I added to the wreath was the burlap lace bow and some tiny white flowers with greenery. I also added some crystals I found at Hobby Lobby.



I think adding all these new things made the wreath look so much better. It looked nice with just plain white flowers only but those that know me know I like to be extra and be different. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Just thought I would share this with you all. Even though not many ready my posts anymore since I have been MIA for so long. lol I am working on coming back though. I am really trying hard to post more often. I got a lot more new things that I have made and will be posting about them as the months go by. Thanks to those who do read my blog. I really appreciate it. Have a great day or night.  Whatever it may be enjoy your day and stay positive. Byeeee!

Nayeli The Crafty Girl

4th Of July Fairy

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I am a little late on this but since we are still in July I think its still a good time to post about my 4th of July fairy doll. I have two others that I made that I will post about this weekend. For now here is the first one I made.


I love how she turned out. Her dress is super cute and fluttery. I used fake carnation flowers that I bought at The Dollar Tree. I added some glitter to her dress to make  her pop a little. Her little shoes also have glitter dots on them. Her star crown is my favorite part. It reminded me just a little bit of Wonder Woman. I am thinking of making a Wonder Woman one but not sure how to go about it.  The star crown is from some bead necklaces I bought at The Dollar Tree. They had a bunch of red, white, and blue star beaded necklaces for 4th of July and thought it would be a cute idea to give her a star crown. I thought it would also be cute to add some of those stars to her dress. IMG_8487edited

I just wish I would have been able to find some small American flags to add to one of their hands. It would have completed the look I think. I did find some cute tiny pinwheels at target when they went on sale recently which I might add to them. If I do I will post an updated photo here. That is all for today everyone. I will post the other two 4th of July fairies this weekend. Hope you enjoyed my cute fairy. Enjoy your day! One last photo. I really like how the angel came out in the background. Hehe!



I added the pinwheel on this fairy after all. I think she looks cute and playful


Nayeli The Crafty Girl

Crochet Poppy Troll Doll


Hello everyone! Its been yet another long time since I have last posted. Work has  been crazy lately and I haven’t had much time to craft.  With the new girl that was hired work schedule has been overbooked almost every week. I come home too tired and too stressed to do anything. Aside from work,  I have been busy with life doing adult things. I hate adulting! Can I just quit my job and just craft all day? Believe me I have seriously been contemplating on quitting my job. With all the stress, I just don’t have the motivation to do anything. By the way this lap top is pissing  me off! I have had to do this whole thing 3 times because somehow it all gets erased! ugh! Anyways, yes, I am just not happy with my job anymore and I find myself lacking motivation for anything. I’m always too tired and too stressed. I want to be able to become a full time crafter and blogger and maybe even sell my things. We shall see. Ok enough of my complaining. So my friend looked for me and wanted me to make the cute pink Poppy troll from the Troll movie for her adorable little daughter. I of course said yes. I have never crochet a doll before so I wanted to take up the challenge. I have crochet many different things before but not dolls.  I must say, the pattern was not thought out well. I had to follow several links just to make different parts of the Poppy doll. The stitches were not counted right either. I struggled a lot making the second leg. I counted my stitches over and over when working on the second leg and it just would’t turn out right. I changed a few things and somehow ended up making the second leg alright.  The hair was the most difficult and frustrating part of the whole thing. I had to tie yarn all around the head in each round. Then I had to separate each strand with my fingers and then brush the hair out to make it look like Troll hair. It was taking forever. My friend told me to get a bigger dog wire brush to just brush out the strands instead of separating each one of them. That worked so well! I am pretty proud of my work. It took me 3 months to make this doll (due to work and also me being a slow crocheter). I am just thankful that my friend was so patient with me. I am so happy with the turn out. I actually  want to make one for myself. lol Oh and her daughter was so happy with her Poppy doll. She takes her everywhere with her. It really made me happy that I made a little girl happy this month. I am hoping to make other different doll in the near future. That is it for tonight! I was finally able to finish this blog without it erasing all the time. Have a good one everyone and take care!


Nayeli The Crafty Girl

Picture Frame Mothers Day Wreath


Hello everyone! Its been a long time yet again since I haven’t blogged.  As always, I have been busy with work. Getting out of work late because the doctor comes to her appointments very late is starting to make me wonder if I should find another job. I am pretty much considering getting out of the medical field period. I don’t see my husband much, I don’t cook as much anymore and we are constantly eating out. I also really miss crafting. Ok rant over!

I finally got around to making something handmade again. It caused me to lose sleep since as mentioned earlier, I have been too busy with work. I would stay up late until 1am working on this wreath and another one I made for my fathers mother who passed away. I will post about that in another blog. I couldn’t find anything to buy my mom for Mothers Day, so I decided to DIY some gifts for her instead of not sending her anything at all. I came up with this picture frame wreath. The pictures may turn out a little dark on your computer. I have a new computer but its just as bad at the old one I had when it comes to color. Everything just looks so dark. On my Iphone, everything looks so bright and pretty.

Anyways, I wanted this wreath to be very glam and girly. I wanted pastel pinks, whites,  and hot pink flowers with some bling.  I bought all the flowers from Hobby Lobby. The wreath is foam. I wrapped white yarn all around it and then hot glued all the flowers. I had some sparkly flower buttons laying around and hot glued two of them in the center of two of the pastel pink flowers. It made the wreath really pop! The letters I also bought at hobby lobby and painted them hot pink with acrylic paint. I hot glued the letters overlapping each other a little so they could fit in the wreath. The bow I made with a  light pink ribbon and hot glued white lace in the center. I then made the bow and glued it to the wreath. Lastly,  I hot glued the frame to the center of the wreath. Used a lot of hot glue to make sure it adhered well.  Its just so pretty! I am so happy with how it turned out! Making was easy but deciding how to make it was hard. Read on below how I struggled to make these decisions if you’d like.




It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to put in the center of the wreath. It first started off with a pretty cross with a quote from the bible. My issue with that idea was that the flowers would hide some of the words on the cross. Then I wanted to put a pretty angel in the center but could not find one that I liked at any store.  So there I was in my room  till 1am trying to figure out what I wanted to put in the center. I went to bed discourage and kept thinking about it until it finally clicked. A picture frame in the center of me and my mom or me and my brothers! I was so excited for the next day so I could go shopping for a picture frame. I knew I wanted a blingy picture frame. I found about 3 that I liked and bought them.

Now, to find a good picture of me and my brothers was not easy. We dont have many photos together.  The ones we do are either blurry cause no one in my family, including my husband know how to take nice pictures or one brother is making a weird face and the other one has a grumpy face. I am the only one smiling. My mom doesnt like taking photos either because she thinks she looks ugly in every photo. Also  she always looks like shes half asleep with her eye semi close. We always have to take several photos until we get it right lol. I found a  few photos and printed them out and put them in the frames. The next hard step for me was deciding which one I wanted in the center. The one of me and my mom or me and my brothers. The one of me and my brothers was of us at my wedding. The photo didnt really go well with the color scheme so I went with the one with my mother. I had my friends help me choose too by the way. That one matched perfect with my wreath. Also, since I am the one making it, the wreath should be more personal.

I wanted to give my mom flowers for mothers day but when I looked online to have some delivered to her I saw how expensive each arrangement was! I find it ridiculous to spend so much on flowers that are going to die in less than a week. Thats over $100 going in the trash. So what better way than to find some good quality flowers from hobby lobby and make your own bouquet. It will last forever and mom will appreciate it forever. If you want to gift your mom  flowers make her your own bouquet of flowers. You can make this wreath for her too with your own special touch. Here is what mine looks like.


I also got her that best mom ever! Target has them.


I really hope my mom likes these gifts. As I said if you want gift your mom something and make something from the heart, these are good ideas on what to gift her. I hope everyone is having a great day or night and hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry if it was really long hehe. The next wreath will be posted tomorrow. Until next time! Bye!

Nayeli The Crafty Girl